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Mages of Mystralia

Mages of Mystralia

  • Publisher
    Borealys Games
  • Developer
    Borealys Games
  • Release date
    18 May 2017

In the Kingdom of Mystralia you need a larger number of minds than muscles to be effective. You will confront gigantic, incredible creatures and steer through tricky landscape. You will experience astounds that confound even the sharpest of the antiquated sages. Also, you need to defeat hindrances put in the manner by individuals who don't need you to be effective, your way won't be a simple one. In Mages of Mystralia, you play Zia, a little youngster who finds she was brought into the world with an inborn feeling of enchantment. Lamentably, enchantment was illegal thus she embarks to prepare all alone to ace her forces. On her excursion she meets other removed performers and finds runes with mystical capacities. She understands that she can join these runes in a million different ways to develop completely new spells, and the story was composed by top of the line writer Ed Greenwood, maker of the 'Forgotten Realms' dreamland in Dungeons and Dragons, which is the reason for games, for example, Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights, and for roughly 170 dream books.Key FeaturesDevelop spells to battle foes, unravel ecological riddles, and battle incredible bosses.Powerful yet straightforward spell age system.A exemplary activity experience game with an over-the-counter experience game Independent areas to investigate. Unique instrumental music led by Shota Nakama and deciphered by the Video Game Orchestra at SoundtRec Studios in Boston, known for the music for Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts.

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AGM score 60%
GameSpot 6
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About Mages of Mystralia

Mages of Mystralia is released by Borealys Games in 18 May 2017. The game is designed by Borealys Games. Mages of Mystralia is a typical representative of the Adventure genre. Playing Mages of Mystralia is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Adventure, there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay Mages of Mystralia will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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Mages of Mystralia is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Adventure games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

Mages of Mystralia is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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Mages of Mystralia - Análisis

Author: Albert Manjón
Date: 2020-07-30 17:54:10
Since childhood we have been told that we must eat “green”. That we flee from hypercaloric foods and sugary drinks. It's totally true. A plate of chard will always be healthier than a hamburger with its generous entourage of ingredients. The discussions almost always ended with the wild card option, a salad. Green at the bottom and full of a rainbow of disparate colors derived from that amalgam of ingredients, often meaningless. Wildcard option, capable of the best and the worst. Let those who have eaten a chicken salad battered with croutons in a sea of Caesar sauce raise their hands. Or on the other hand, those who opt for the healthy route and decorate it with the necessary ingredients so that it remains what it should be, a dish that does not require an afternoon digestion.

We also find salads in our industry, every day more . The original genres of 30 years ago have evolved, have grown, have changed just as we have done all those who in one way or another are linked to this wonderful cultural and leisure offer.

Mixes of genres, influences from other titles, books, music or movies. Inspiration in singular events or simply tributes to lived moments. Our industry builds a future with the materials we have endowed it with over the past decades.

In these appear the Canadians from Borealys Games . Out of Artifice Studio and Gameloft , Louis-Felix Cauchon and Patric J. Mondou embark on what has been the studio's first feature, Mages of Mystralia . The history of this indie, like that of many others, would begin on Kickstarter this past March 16. As if the work of Borealys Games was in a hurry to see the light, it obtained the necessary financing in less than 16 hours, reaching a total of approximately 158,000EUR at the end of it. Objective accomplished, the game gets the necessary financing to continue on its way with all kinds of extras. The successful campaign has been accompanied by a wonderful marketing strategy that has led the game to be mentioned and highlighted by numerous media in the sector.

And the teammates at Borealys Games still have an ace up their sleeve. An ace that couldn't fit better in Mages of Mystralia's approach. Ed Greenwood , creator of nothing more and nothing less than the fictional universe of Forgotten Realms . Aside from being one of the Dungeons & Dragons campaign scenarios, the Forgotten Realms have been the scene of notable games throughout these decades, Eye of the Beholder, Baldur's Gate, Icewind Dale or Neverwinter Nights are just some of them . Taking care of the script part, we can only hope for a universe rich in details, scenarios with full personality, charismatic characters and a well-executed script. After all these pre-game expectations, does Mages of Mystralia meet what, a priori, it raises?

In Mages or Mystralia we move to the kingdom of Mystralia, a kingdom of magicians where magic has become prohibited. In the eternal vicious circle between good and evil, a new war is brewing between men and trolls. In these, a young local woman named Zia discovers that she is the bearer of the gift of magic and, therefore, has to flee her village becoming an exile. It is here where our adventure will begin to know our origin, overcome evil –you never really know where it is housed- and grow as a magician through our adventure.

A rich universe like it could not be otherwise coming from Ed Greenwood . Well differentiated areas, with their characteristic elements, enemies, missions and characters.

Following a totally metroidvania style, we can move "at ease " throughout the mapping while there is nothing to block our way. It is in this way that the game has artificial barriers to guide us through the mapping and direct us from mission to mission and task to task. While the script is posed correctly, the transition between missions is perceived as excessively abrupt and classic . Getting a certain number of items, doing such a message or going from point A to point B doing action X are instruments that we have been used to since the time of the first RPGs, a formula and an excessively used resource that has ended its wear and tear. during these last years of massive abuse of the open world and RPG.

Apart from its side quests, the main plot is developed through a search-and-destroy of the different bosses of each area in order to avoid the evil contamination of our kingdom. Characteristic enemies well designed and that make us keep wanting to advance between your scenarios.

Always dealing with the underlying problem, the magicians. Due to a series of circumstances, magic ends up being prohibited and, with this, the magicians go into hiding in the depths of the forests. In our time, Zia, will have to face not only the evil that is hidden in Mystralia but also a strong repression and intolerance on the part of the rest of the humans that inhabit it.

Not only in his universe a strong creative current is denoted but also in his characteristic magic system . As a good apprentice, Zia will have to improve her magical abilities by acquiring elements that will allow her to transform their effect, power and usability . Based on the fact that we will acquire the primary spells practically from the tutorial, then the game will not make it easy for us to get all the possible variants. From now on we can configure the spells at our whim which will allow us to access secret areas to improve our character stats or complete specific tasks. Without a doubt, we are dealing with the most innovative element of the title and it allows us to add a level of complexity very well designed to allow and direct access to the different areas of the game.

And at the same level as the level design, the artistic design of the levels shines. Following a fresh and lively aesthetic, all the elements of the game present a cartoon aesthetic as if it were a comic. The BSO is also at a remarkable level and accompanies the action correctly helping the player to immerse themselves in the action. For this version of PS4 we have been able to appreciate that the scenarios and bosses are a step above the rest of the characters in the game where the camera does not help many times to provide us with the best approach, making the battles seem distant and the characters are look tiny.

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