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Katana ZERO

Katana ZERO

  • Publisher
    Devolver Digital
  • Developer
  • Release date
    18 Apr 2019

Katana ZERO is a beautifully executed activity stage in neo-noir style with very quick activity and lethal battles. Battle through the activity in gymnastic severe magnificence and control an opportunity to unwind your past.Penomenal fights: Defeat your adversaries with everything that is required. Guide shots back to your adversaries, avoid assaults, rout foes and control conditions with traps and explosives. Don't let anybody endure. Expound plan: Each level is interesting and structured so that it very well may be finished in innumerable manners. Annihilation adversaries inventively by suddenly choosing how best to take out them.Unconventional account: A cryptic story told through groupings of activity that are joined with the game and twisting to a surprising arrangement.

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AGM score 84%
IGN 8.7
GameSpot 8
digital distribution
pax prime 2015
pax east 2016
pax west 2016
neo noir
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About Katana ZERO

Katana ZERO is released by Devolver Digital in 18 Apr 2019. The game is designed by Askiisoft. Katana ZERO is a typical representative of the Indie genre. Playing Katana ZERO is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Indie, there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay Katana ZERO will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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Katana ZERO is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Indie games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

Katana ZERO is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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Katana Zero - Analysis

Author: Miguel Ángel Escudero
Date: 2020-07-30 17:02:57
The Askiisoft game is one of those examples in which tenacity, perseverance and work through thick and thin always end up bearing fruit. Something like this would be, in a very brief way, the story behind Katana Zero.

And it is that the video game that concerns us today was very close to never seeing the light. Fortunately for us and the whole community, this was not the case because we had missed a very interesting title. The Katana Zero story begins in Askiisoft's small offices under the leadership of Justin Stander. The prototype of the game and several demos were presented at different fairs in the sector with very good feelings from everyone who could try them. However, the project suffered what is not written to be financed and was about to be canceled. Luckily, Devolver Digital entered the equation and ended up giving it the necessary push . Several delays later, Katana Zero is already available from today April 18 on both Steam and the Nintendo eShop - and it is speculated with an upcoming release on both PS4 and Xbox One. And we already tell you that all the troubles that its developer went through were worth it. Katana Zero is a great game and in these lines we will explain why.

The first thing that stands out in Katana Zero is its aesthetics straddling neon and cyberpunk , the colors and light effects that occur in certain situations as well as the rewinds -which we will talk about later- are striking. It also highlights a very personal design of the levels and that offer multiple ways to be overcome. Our protagonist is "a swordsman in a bathrobe" who, katana in hand, completes the assignments that a mysterious character is entrusting to him. Frantic action - be it katana in hand or activating traps to knock down enemies - are combined with platforms and certain doses of stealth. The objective is clear: we must clear the entire area of enemies until we reach the character we have been asked to execute. It doesn't matter how you do it, just do it. Although it is true that in the first levels they will ask us for some requirements such as "do not attract attention, do not let them speak to you or overcome this phase without killing". We can ignore it if we so wish. The fact is that we must erase from the map anyone who wants to eliminate us because otherwise we will be cold cuts in less time than is spent taking a sip of sake.

And it is that in Katana Zero the enemies do not go around with little girls and it is better to catch them off guard since they are easy trigger and have an amazing aim to give us kill in thousandths of a second and with a single touch. For this, our particular samurai has certain advantages that allow him to control time and deflect enemy projectiles . Despite this, completing some phases will become a real toothache.

Because the difficulty of the title will increase as we move forward although we have noticed a certain "roller coaster" effect with advanced levels that give a little truce and then give us a good shot at reality and turn the following scenarios into small hells. It is not that it is something precisely annoying since this lengthens the duration of the game somewhat artificially - in fact the first half can be overcome in a couple of hours without problems - it will be in the more advanced phases when we will have to repeat, repeat and repeat. Because we will have to be very agile with reflexes, knowing the location and movement patterns of the enemies well and knowing where all the traps that we can use in our favor are. We will die to the slightest failure although we have the possibility of repeating it immediately. And that is what we previously referred to as “rewinding”. We explain what it consists of.

We don't want to go into spoilers about the script and the story of Katana Zero because we think it is well worth it for players to discover for themselves what it is about. We only anticipate that our character can handle time as he wishes, so if he dies, he can go back a few seconds and start again. Unlimited. Therefore, every time we fall in combat we will have the possibility to “rewind” - yes, as if it were a VHS - and start the level from scratch. It does not matter if an enemy is left standing or if we die as a result of a stray bullet having cleaned the area. If we die, start again. And this is true for boss fights. Prepare to repeat as many times as that phase or that enemy is needed. We have been caught in this time loop because the gameplay of the title is so direct, frantic and fun that you end up hooked on the "drug" that Askiisoft proposes. And up to there we are going to write.

It should be said that the plot of the game will be developed in the form of dialogues in which we will be the ones who will write the future of it through the answers we give. This gives an original touch to the narrative form since we can know more or less according to which topics we are asking or not. They will also be essential when making friends or letting the different NPCs that appear in the game be an active part of our history or simple troupes. We will not give more details so as not to spoil surprises. But we recommend reading the conversations carefully and not hitting the buttons to skip them and answer the first thing that comes up. Patience, that surprises are guaranteed and the script is well worth being enjoyed.

The gameplay of Katana Zero therefore resides in killing every living bug on the stage before they kill us. Simple and direct. And for this we have a very precise and intuitive control that solves all the situations that the game proposes to us. The first thing we have to notice is that each level has a time marker at the top of the screen. That is, we have a time limit to overcome the phase but, we will die. The idea is that we go straight to the job and not just stare at the shrews; but we can calmly design our strategy or wait for the enemies to fall into the traps, but we can also “go to the bag” and try to eliminate them all. The truth is that there are such a variety of levels and strategies that any phase will be overcome in a different way than the previous one.

It is quite entertaining to try some actions, see that it does not work and start again facing the level with another vision. Sometimes quite comical situations occur with the enemies that, once they detect our presence, will chase us relentlessly through the stages.

The games in Katana Zero stand out for being very frantic and short. The game invites you to do so, and although it lasts around eight or ten hours, we have felt much less like it . It is a frankly fun title, demanding at times and very gratifying - especially when we overcome that phase or enemy that resists us. We assure you that you will not be able to stop playing and that it will be short.

The visual, graphic and sound style of Katana Zero is very peculiar and attractive. Neon colors with a preppy cyberpunk scroll over pixelated graphics spiced with luscious light effects and great animations. Our protagonist is a true assassin who moves almost at lightning speed. The effects when stopped and surrounded by a rainbow light as well as light, gas and fire effects are really well done. The design of characters and enemies -although the latter are repeated a lot- are also very well accomplished. Anyone who, like us, likes “pixel-art” will find in Katana Zero one of the best exponents so far this year. A masterful work by Askiisoft.

Finally, and as a finishing touch to this analysis, we comment on the excellent soundtrack that adorns the action of Katana Zero. Synthwave style electronic music composed by Ludowic and Bill Kelly . All a detail that our samurai put on the radio cassette and the headphones seconds before starting his particular slaughter. The compositions are pounding and very consistent with what is happening on screen. Quality overflows in every way.

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