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Full Metal Furies

Full Metal Furies

  • Publisher
    Cellar Door Games
  • Developer
    Cellar Door Games
  • Release date
    17 Jan 2018

The makers of Rogue Legacy present a "really cooperative" activity RPG. In FULL METAL FURIES cooperation is significant - on account of the one of a kind battle framework in which everybody is significant. Work together to overcome extraordinary foes, consolidate combos for huge harm and spare a war-torn world that is pointless. Play on the couch or online with companions and transform it into a gathering with up to four players! Or on the other hand play alone in single player mode and demonstrate your abilities with a dial-2 moment change framework that gets all the subtleties of multiplayer. GAME FEATURES: You need to play with companions? At that point search for companions. Up to 4 companions can participate in the experience ONLINE and OFFLINE. Full help from neighborhood and online community - and everything in the middle. Would you like to play alone? We expected that as well, the Dial 2 framework permits you to pick two colleagues to enter the war zone. Utilize the moment change to perform dynamic combos and miss air strikes. All subtleties of community are saved. All that you do in multiplayer mode works alone. It is just incensed in a group. What's more, just in the group will it be full metal ... Angry. To overcome the adversaries, you need genuine coordination. Foes enter the combat zone with hued hindrances, and just partners of a comparable shading can demolish them. You need to resuscitate your fallen colleagues. Boundaries don't crush themselves! The revival bars top off naturally, however a little assistance doesn't hurt: participation, no opposition. Not any more battling for the last hit, no more contentions over gold or LP things. Everything is shared so you can concentrate on cooperating. Four classes, four diverse game styles: Alex, the well disposed brawler - dedicate yourself completely to the nearby battle with counters and combos; Meg, the silly rifleman - use mines, fire from a separation and shuffle your adversaries through the air. Triss, the restless warrior - Save aligns with your shield or toss foes through the air. Erin, the stout specialist - control the front line with her firearms. Furthermore, she has a gun! An entirely different battle framework. Examination with a battle framework stuffed with counters, combos and full architects. Each class has its own expertise tree. What number of abilities are there? Such huge numbers of, don't change gear, however abilities. Give the Fighter a FREEZE SCREAM. Transform the brawler's bounce into a DIVE. Or on the other hand give the specialist an assault rifle, totally new foes, the furies are intense, yet the adversaries are significantly harder. Hit in excess of 70 distinct adversaries, each with their own powerless focuses and counterattacks. No more gun grub! Adversaries storm on you unremittingly, there is no time for a break. With each new area, you will confront new threats; battle mammoth titans in multi-stage fights that will request everything from you; an experience full of interest, unexpected turns and idiotic colloquialisms; travel through the run down, snow-shrouded city of Thessaly, face the timberland of Foloi, move into the tombs of the Stygian well and then some, yet keep your eyes open, there is more on the planet than what you see superficially. Wherever there are insider facts, intimations and concealed measurements! Experience an account of in excess of 20,000 words in 8 distinctive languages.Experience in excess of 20,000 moronic sayings.AddendumAn complex, metaphorical activity experience about expressions of remorse, insinuation and similar sounding word usages to all ages in the Ash of Athens.

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AGM score 80%
GameSpot 8
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About Full Metal Furies

Full Metal Furies is released by Cellar Door Games in 17 Jan 2018. The game is designed by Cellar Door Games. Full Metal Furies is a typical representative of the Role-playing (RPG) genre. Playing Full Metal Furies is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Role-playing (RPG), there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay Full Metal Furies will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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Full Metal Furies is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Role-playing (RPG) games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

Full Metal Furies is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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Full Metal Furies - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 17:36:27
Almost four years ago, Cellar Door Games opened its doors with Rogue Legacy, a peculiar platform with a deep dose of roguelike that hooked us in each and every one of its versions (since it arrived on consoles from 2014). Now, with time as a silent witness, comes the second 'serious' game from this small Canadian studio, Full Metal Furies. And it has nothing to do with his previous work.

This time it is a 'me against the neighborhood' with a strong cooperative component, role-playing progression and traditional levels . That is, a brutal third change, although the visual pixel-art style that Rogue Legacy also wore is maintained. Here we have to choose between four heroines with unique abilities, and spread out tow over a good number of levels (10 hours fall short if we want to exploit even the least potential of this game) ... And best of all, when you arrive in the end you will only have seen 50% of the game. The variety is more than guaranteed throughout the levels, which take us to the limit and completely change the type of challenge that we find every so often, being also as fun playing alone, as if we did it in the company of 3 other users ( either online or locally).

The gameplay goes beyond the usual in the genre, starting with the abilities of the protagonists, Triss, Meg, Erin and Alex . They all have four basic abilities: hitting, dodging, special movement and defense ... The grace is that in each case what the heroines do is different. For example, with the same button that allows the Tank to use its shield and avoid damage, the fighter launches a parry that allows her to instantly counterattack. In other words, the playable experience is completely different depending on who we play with. Even more so when we consider that two of the four fighters are focused on ranged attacks , another detail that is not usually common in the genre.

To continue differentiating ourselves from other apparently similar titles, during the game we will level up our characters, the movements, choosing between different options in the improvement tree, but also finding planes that vary the equation a little more. What makes it unique is that each of these planes and many of the level upgrades are not a genuine 'upgrade' but a variation in gameplay that helps to offer even more diversity. For example, we can find a shield that does fire damage at the cost of absorbing fewer attacks, or boots that generate a zone of damage when we jump with the dodge of one of the protagonists. In short, that Full Metal Furies reinvents itself every so often , either with new situations, or with new abilities and possibilities, to leave us completely hooked on command.

As if all this was not enough to sustain production, the multiplayer component appears, which ends up being the icing on the cake. The characters complement each other perfectly if we play online, forcing us to work as a team to protect and help colleagues when necessary. Full Metal Furies is not an easy game, and if there is no help between the users in the fight it becomes almost impossible, although sometimes it complicates things too much with the colored shields on the enemies, that only a character can destroy. This cooperation is transferred even when we play offline and alone , since we will always have to choose between two characters, being able to switch between them at any time with the press of a button. In this way, even more new interactions appear, applicable only to solo play, making this title fun in every possible way.

With all this that we have been telling you in mind, the truth is that Full Metal Furies has seemed to us a round game for all those who enjoy action games of this type . There is not a single detail that has been left to chance, and even the frequent dialogues between the protagonists before and after each mission have managed to make us laugh out loud. That is to say, that even the narrative stands out, without reaching or intending to become the center of the proposal (that role belongs to the gameplay itself). The same could also be said of the sound section in its entirety, a real delight. So we can classify this Cellar Door Games title as the first big indie surprise of 2018. Do yourself a favor, if you liked Castle Crashers, play (and love) this game.

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