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Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal

  • Publisher
    Headup Games
  • Developer
    ClockStone Studios
  • Release date
    20 Dec 2017

Enter the Aperture Science Enrichment Center and involvement in Bridge Constructor Portal the interesting combination of the great games Portal ™ and Bridge Constructor ™. As another representative in the test lab at Aperture Science, you must form bridges, inclines, slides and different structures in 60 test chambers and bring the bendies securely to their goal in their vehicles. Exploit various portal contraptions, for example, portals, quickening gel, draw back gel, launch stages, solid shapes and more to sidestep turrets, corrosive pools and laser hindrances, fathom switch astounds and endure the test chambers without harm. Let Ellen McLain, the first voice of GlaDOS, manage you through the instructional exercise and get familiar with all the stunts and deceives that make up a genuine Aperture Science representative. The Bridge is a falsehood! Highlights: - The combination of two universes: The primary Bridge Constructor ™ with legitimate Portal ™ permit Create complex developments in the labs of Aperture Science-Let GLaDOS go with you through a precarious material science experience - Use portals, sling stages , Acceleration gel, pull back gel and substantially more to ace the dubious errands.- Avoid risks like turrets, liberation barbecues, laser fields or corrosive. - Help your bendies to their goal - independently or in a guard. The level manager lets you manufacture your own total test chambers and offer them with other guineas pigs from everywhere throughout the world.

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bridge constructor
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About Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal is released by Headup Games in 20 Dec 2017. The game is designed by ClockStone Studios. Bridge Constructor Portal is a typical representative of the Simulator genre. Playing Bridge Constructor Portal is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Simulator, there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay Bridge Constructor Portal will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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Bridge Constructor Portal is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Simulator games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

Bridge Constructor Portal is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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Screenshots will help you evaluate the graphics and gameplay of Bridge Constructor Portal.

Bridge Constructor Portal - scene 1
Bridge Constructor Portal - scene 2
Bridge Constructor Portal - scene 3
Bridge Constructor Portal - scene 4
Bridge Constructor Portal - scene 5


If screenshots are not enough, you can enjoy creative videos from Headup Games

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