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BattleBlock Theater

BattleBlock Theater

  • Publisher
    Microsoft Studios
  • Developer
    The Behemoth
  • Release date
    3 Apr 2013

Wrecked. Caught. Deceived. Compelled to perform for a group of people of felines? Truly, all that and more when you open BattleBlock Theater! There's no turning around once you've began your mission to free more than 300 of your detained companions from fiendish mechanical felines. Inundate yourself right now story of foul play as you utilize your munititions stockpile of weapon-instruments to fight your way through many levels so as to find the baffling truth behind BattleBlock Theater.If solo acts aren't your style, go on the web or bring a pal lounge chair side to play a completely co-streamlined mission or enter the fields. The game additionally incorporates a level editorial manager so you can create your own brain bowing preliminaries! Key FeaturesCO-OPTIONAL GAMEPLAY - Work together ... or on the other hand not. Online play! Hello there fives sofa! Best Game Ever! Up to two players in Story, and four in Arena. Fields: Whether you're lord delegated or whale pursuing, BattleBlock Theater entertainers have 8 field modes to show their adversaries the genuine significance of stage dread! Crazy MODE: One life to live doesn't simply occur on screen, it can occur in front of an audience also. Test your abilities in a definitive crusade challenge.UNIQUE ANIMATIONS: New workmanship made for the Steam variant of BattleBlock Theater! Feline gatekeeper advances toward all important focal point. More than 450 LEVELS! - Single player, multiplayer, field, we have a larger number of levels than Hatty can rely on his finger hands. 300 PRISONERS TO FREE! - Having been caught by the local cat populace, it's up to YOU to free them! Win jewels to free your companions by taking an interest in destructive, gladiatorial plays. Dramatic WEAPONRY AND COMBAT! - Jump, push, pull and punch your approach to triumph! On the off chance that that doesn't work you can detonate, hold up, toxic substance, or review a child! Besides, you'll have the option to raise two weapons one after another in a game and swap rapidly. Make AND SHARE LEVELS - Create gems in our Level Editor and afterward share them with every one of your companions (or outsiders). More than 20 intelligent square sorts in abundance!

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AGM score 82%
IGN 7.8
GameSpot 8.5
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in-game map editor
digital distribution
xbox live
steam cloud
steam achievements
pax prime 2015
customizable characters
platform exclusive
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cooperative play
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About BattleBlock Theater

BattleBlock Theater is released by Microsoft Studios in 3 Apr 2013. The game is designed by The Behemoth. BattleBlock Theater is a typical representative of the Adventure genre. Playing BattleBlock Theater is a pleasure. It does not matter whether it is the first or a millionth hour in Adventure, there will always be room for something new and interesting. Thrilling levels and gameplay BattleBlock Theater will not leave anyone indifferent. The complexity of gameplay increases with each new level and does not let any player get bored.

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BattleBlock Theater is versatile and does not stand still, but it is never too late to start playing. The game, like many Adventure games has a full immersion in gaming. AllGame staff continues to play it.

BattleBlock Theater is perfect for playing alone or with friends.

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The story

This section tells the history of the world of BattleBlock Theater

Almost all of the game's cut-scenes are done in a stick puppet style. The game begins with the narrator (played by Will Stamper) telling the adventures of the hundreds of friends aboard the S.S. Friendship, as well as Hatty Hattington, who is known as "best friend to one and all". After encountering a heavy storm, the S.S. Friendship becomes shipwrecked on a mysterious, seemingly abandoned island, and the crew itself vanishes. Upon waking up from the wreck, the player character seeks shelter from the storm in a dilapidated theater. Soon afterwards, the player discovers technologically advanced, highly-evolved cats restraining a captive Hatty as he is being fitted with an ominously glowing top hat. The hat appears to change him, and he alerts the cats to the player's presence, attacking them and rendering them unconscious. Upon coming to, it is revealed that the entire crew of the S.S. Friendship is being held prisoner by the cats, with Hatty as their apparent new leader. The player is then released from their cell and forced into deadly games by the feline wardens. The cats, who force their prisoners into deadly theater performances, watch with amusement as the player fights for their survival. As the player completes challenges, they find gems which are spend on unlocking fellow crew members to play as in these theater performances. Appearing to be possessed by the hat's unknown powers, Hatty begins working for the cats and against the player. As the player progresses, the narrator reveals more about the theater. Hundreds of years before the player shipwrecked on the island, Purrham Furbottom, a theatrical aficionado, sought to build the world's greatest theater. The opening night saw the most jaw-dropping feats and thrills the likes of which were never seen before, making the theater an overnight success. However, Furbottom did not allow intermissions in the theater, and after an untold amount of time watching the show, he died after "pooping himself to death on the way to the bathroom." Since then, his top hat has been passed down to various others, who were each revered by the cats as their leader, and who each met with grim fates of their own. The hat, the narrator theorizes, is haunted by the grief and sorrow of each of its past wearers, and Hatty is its current victim, having sunk into a depression while being surrounded by the many gems the player has accrued, without doing anything to help the state of the theater. Eventually, the cats grow tired of Hatty's inaction, and begin rioting, striking, and more, while the player's challenges grow increasingly difficult. As the theater deteriorates further, the narrator provides encouragement to the player, and continues to shed light on the cats' mental state, which grows more unstable as time progresses. The narrator also instructs the player to enter The Vault, which houses Hatty and all the gems the player has spent, before the cats kill Hatty and the rest of the crew, starting the madness over again. After completing the final set of challenges inside the Vault, the player breaks into Hatty's throne room. Hatty doesn't budge, so the player carries him out of the crumbling theater as the crew of the S.S. Friendship orchestrates a mass breakout. Everyone manages to make it back to the boat amidst the chaos, escaping the island and the cats that reside there. As the player celebrates with hot cocoa, he tries to cheer up Hatty, who the narrator implies has sunk into a catatonic state from prolonged exposure to the hat. The narrator sings a sad song as the credits roll, before quickly recovering and singing a more happy, upbeat song, rocking the boat and flinging Hatty into the sea, where he sinks to the bottom. The hat lands on his head and begins glowing green as opposed to its usual red, and shoots a beam skyward, where it sends the boat flying and continues into space, where it vaporizes a bear that appeared during the narrator's upbeat song. The narrator claims to understand what just happened, but does not explain, sending the game back to the title screen.

BattleBlock Theater - Análisis

Author: Juan García
Date: 2020-07-30 21:56:49
The Behemoth, the creators of the excellent Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers, bring their new title Battleblock Theater to Xbox Live Arcade, an extraordinary and original platform that arrives ready to be crowned as one of the great games of the Microsoft bazaar. And reasons to achieve it are not lacking. If the studio's previous two forays into digital releases were really good, the game at hand is not far behind.

How could it be otherwise, his new creature overflows humor and sympathy on all four sides and it shows immediately after starting it. The adventure begins with an intro in which a crazy narrator - in true The Cave style - briefly tells us the story of the game. Luckily, despite arriving with English voices, we have Spanish subtitles so there will be no problem capturing the jokes and comments that come out of your mouth.

The script for Battleblock Theater is not a panacea, but it is enough for what it is intended, which is nothing more than starting the adventure as soon as possible. Our beloved protagonists are a group of inseparable friends traveling calmly on a boat until a terrible storm makes them shipwreck on a terrible island ruled by evil ... cats! There, several of our friends will be captured and our mission will be to get them out of there alive. Seems simple, right?

Explaining the mechanics of Battleblock Theater is extremely simple, although despite its apparent simplicity, there is a title with enormous possibilities. The game is made up of eight worlds, in which there are more than a hundred screens to overcome. Our goal in each of them is to find, at least, three gems that will open the door to the exit, although there are many more secondary objectives to achieve. First of all, as soon as the campaign starts, we must create our character, choosing its color and face among the models that are unlocked at the beginning. Later, we will start the game focusing on collecting gems (there are quite a few more than three per stage) as well as other objects that are scattered around, such as balls of wool or hats.

That is, we can finish each level in a simple way (collecting three gems and it's over) or we can repeat each scenario until we get everything. Overcoming the campaign "quickly" will take us a few hours, but if we want to complete the adventure as it deserves, the duration increases considerably.

In playable matter, we are talking about an exquisite 2D platform, with a very careful control implemented under a really good level design. Each phase is full of traps, blocks of different types on which we will have to jump or interact and enemies that will want to complicate our lives, demanding that we be very precise with the command to succeed. Luckily, the precision and response of the character to our instructions is just great, and the inclusion of different types of blocks -some that slide, others that explode, some that bounce us against other areas of the screen ...- makes playing the phases is really fun. Of course, each level is full of check-points to avoid us repeating the entire journey from the beginning, making trial and error an important factor again. Those more daring with Battleblock Theater will have a level of difficulty in which each death will take us back to the beginning of the level, although it is only recommended for more expert users.

The graphics, the sound and our final conclusion, when turning the page ...

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BattleBlock Theater - scene 3
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BattleBlock Theater - scene 5


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